South Base High-end Chafer/Chafing Dishes 4011H

  • ✓ keep your food warm and ready – for the consideration of heat preservation, the chafing dish is made with a top-quality stainless-steel frame and body.
  • ✓ convenient structure – each chafing dish is equipped with holders, frame, A full-size pan tray, lid, and handles which can make the product be moved easily.
  • ✓ strong material – chafing dish has a stainless steel frame and a heavy duty handle
  • ✓ easy maintenance and cleaning – Made with high quality material, the chafing dish is rust resistant and ensure long durability, and easy to clean and maintain.

Chafer is also known as Chafing dish, Chafer dish, Server, Chafer warmer. It is used to keep food hot / warm with an alcohol burner holding chafer fuel below it or by heating plate powered by electricity.

It is widely used in buffet (buffet chafer set / chafing dish set / chafing dish buffet set) and therefore it is also categorized as buffetware.

Please note that chafer (chafing dish / chafer dish) is not a cookware. There is no chafer cooking. It is used to keep food warm instead of cooking food. And so it is also known as chafer food warmer or food chafer.

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Model No. 4011H
Material SUS304
Net Weight 12875g
Gross Weight 15135g
Pcs/Ctn 1pc/ctn
Overall Size 585*470*280mm
Package Size 600*480*300mm
Warming Type None/Fuel/Electricity optional


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