South Base 10L Electric Deep Fryer with Timer EDF-101VT

  • 3L(min)~5.6L(max) Effective Capacity
  • 120~390°F/48.89~198.89℃ Temp Range
  • 0~60 minutes time settings or always ON
  • 1750W Heating Power
  • Erectable electric box for tank cleaning
  • User-friendly handles for tank cleaning
  • User-friendly Handles for device-moving

The electric deep fryer is a fundamental part of both commercial and home kitchens, and it’s perfect for restaurants, supermarkets, fast food stands, snack bars, foodtrucks, etc. The device is suitable for frying buffalo wings, chicken, dumplings, egg rolls, shrimp rolls, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, French fries, Samosa, Meduwada, Pakoda, etc.

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Model No. EDF-101VT
Full Capacity 10L/2.64Gal
Effective Capacity 3L(min)~5.6L(max)/0.79Gal(min)~1.48Gal(max)
Heating Power 1750W
Temperature Range 120~390°F/48.89~198.89℃
Time Settings 0~60minutes/Always ON
Tank Size(mm) 265x325x150mm/10.4×12.8×5.9in
Overall Size 270x425x265mm/10.6×16.7×10.4in


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