Perforated GN Pan

The Advantage of Perforated GN Pan

Drain marinated meats and fresh vegetables in a quick, convenient fashion, with our perforated standard weight anti-jam stainless steel steam table/hotel pan

If you operate a high-volume restaurant, cafeteria, dining hall, catering business, or another food service establishment, then this 1/2 size anti-jam steam table food pan is an ideal product for you. Use this pan to save money in your commercial establishment as it holds and transports food from your kitchen to off-site locations, or use it to present food in your restaurant’s front-of-house serving area.

Anti-Jam Stacking Lugs

Each stainless steel steam table pan features anti-jam stacking lugs, meaning it won’t stick to other pans when you take it out of storage. This feature allows you to save space by stacking pans without worrying about a hassle the next time you want to use them.

Reinforced Corners

This stylish and efficient pan features round, tapered reinforced corners for easy scooping and pouring of foods or liquids. Additionally, the indented corner design provides extra durability, enhancing the longevity of your pan compared to most.

Higher Rim with Flattened Edges

Being dent and ding resistant helps to maintain the flat edge design. This design allows for better plate fit, prevents the loss of food vapor, and saves your costs. Compared to ordinary pans, our design can increase efficiency by 38%. And this design is more convenient for employees to hold.

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