Shenzhen Southbase SUS Co., Ltd. is the exclusive sales representative of Chaozhou Southbase SUS Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. It is responsible for the external sales of all the stainless steel GN pans and hotel supplies of the Chaozhou Southbase factory. The factory is located in Caitang Town, which has always been famous in China for “Chinese stainless steel products”. SOUTHBASE always adheres to the concept of seeking development by quality, serving the market by service, and determining success or failure by details. . The company has advanced technology and produces first-class quality products. With the pursuit of excellence, down-to-earth attitude and continuous progress, the company has won a place in the world market. In terms of product quality and service operations, South Base has reached international standards. The company is determined to provide customers with high-quality services that can be standardized and customized according to customer requirements, and flexibly adopt different customer service strategies. SOUTHBASE welcomes domestic and foreign businessmen to discuss cooperation, guide regulations, and develop the market together. With the opportunities and challenges brought by economic globalization and the development of a new round of technological revolution, SOUTHBASE people firmly believe that more service-oriented products of SOUTHBASE are succeeding in domestic and foreign markets.

In the past ten years, we have been committed to the process research and development and improvement of stainless steel products. Finally, in 2013, we successfully improved the electrolysis process and production process of our stainless steel products to make their appearance more delicate and beautiful. It is put into production. As a factory, we have strict quality control to ensure the quality of our products from mold design to proofing, production to storage. For the customers of SOUTHBASE, we provide not only high-quality stainless steel products and hotel supplies, but also our service and quick response, and actively help customers solve problems, whether it is free samples or customized products,we strive to do our best. We look forward to your arrival and visit to us.