GN pans

GN Pan

There is a product, you may not know its exact name, but you must have seen them in fast food shops, canteens, restaurants, and milk tea shops, this is because their role in the catering industry is really great, widely used in a variety of catering establishments, they are the GN pan.

First, what is a GN pan?

gastronorm Containers, gastronorm Pans, abbreviated as (GN Pans), are a series of standard sized food containers widely used in the catering industry.

The gastronorm standard originated in Europe with the aim of standardising the dimensions of a wide range of food pans, trays and other containers in the catering industry to facilitate the processing of food, the handling of different equipment, the processing of food, and the production of food in the catering industry.

The purpose of gastronorm standard is to standardise the dimensions of various food pans, food trays and other containers in the catering industry, so as to facilitate the food handling and processing in the catering industry, and to achieve the effect of improving efficiency and saving cost by transferring between different equipment.

Second, the size standard of GN pans

The specification of gastronorm pans is expressed in the form of fraction.

Its size standard, is 530 * 325mm (length x width) as the base size to measure, a 1/1 pan of the size of the pan is 530 * 325mm, a 1/2 pan of the size of the pan is 325 * 265mm, that is, 530 * 325mm half of the pan, so it is known as 1/2 pan. By analogy, the smallest 1/9 pan size is 176*108mm.

Different sizes of GN Pan can usually be combined flexibly when supported by a suitable frame. Take the holding table commonly used in Chinese fast food restaurants as an example, a large compartment can hold one 1/1 GN Pans, two 1/2 GN Pans, and three 1/3 GN Pans. If you want to use other sizes of GN Pans, you’ll have to buy or customize the appropriate spacer support strips to use with them.

Third, the use of gastronorm pans and use of the scene

There are many uses for GN Pans, mainly used for storing and processing various ingredients and finished dishes, and it has too many use scenes:

Used with buffet stoves for serving various hot dishes, cold dishes, desserts, fruits, etc. of buffet, which is convenient for guests to choose and take freely.

Used with heat preservation food selling table, which is used to serve all kinds of dishes of Chinese and western fast food, canteen restaurant, or serve the toppings of noodle shop and noodle shop.

Used with freezers, hot and spicy cabinets, salad workstations, for the preservation and display of food ingredients, ingredients, etc.

Used with the universal steam oven, using 1/1 or 2/3 GN Pans as containers for cooking.

As raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products containers, in various food processing links and places between the flow, transport

Forth, GN Pan Purchasing Points

When choosing a gn pan, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Choose the right size (including length, width and depth)
  2. Choose the right material, if the choice of stainless steel, in addition to the thickness of stainless steel, but also pay attention to 201 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel, generally speaking, 304 stainless steel material is better, of course, the price is also higher!
  3. GN Pans and lids can be bought matching, can also be bought separately. For example, you can buy 10 GN Pans in different parts of the turnover, but only with 4 lids. If you don’t need the lids at all, you don’t have to buy them. If you need lids, you should also note that the lids are divided into open lids and closed lids, so don’t buy the wrong ones.
  4. Anti-jam design is worth considering. Friends who have used GN Pans know that GN Pans more than one stacked, storage is indeed very space-saving. But the general GN Pans has a disadvantage, is to want to press the GN Pans together to separate, is very difficult, because the two GN Pans are too close, friction and suction is huge. Anti-squeeze design, a rounded anti-squeeze line is stamped out during the production process, and the body of the GN Pans is machined into two parts, the top is big and the bottom is small, which forms a step and prevents the two GN Pans from being squeezed so tightly that it is difficult to separate them.

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